​Tikii was created to build our spirits. It initially started out as a hobby, but eventually turned into ideas that we want to share. We also created several characters from the Tikii family to embody and give personality to our ideas. The most prominent of these characters are Hapii aka. (Happy) and Notii aka. (Naughty). Together they represent balance and the ideal way of living life to the fullest. To enjoy life and accept any challenges that might come up.

Tikii Milestone 2009
2009 - The Birth of Tikii - Tikii came into existence.
Tikii Milestone 2010
2010 - The Debut of the First Tikigod Tee Shirt - Introduced the first Tikigod Tee shirt at KL Design Week in CapSquare and Rainforest.
Tikii Milestone 2011
2011 - Expanding Horizons - Participated in Cap Square exhibition and KLDW-Publica. - Began building the Tikii brand.
Tikii Milestone 2012
2012 - Growth and Creativity - Birth of a new collection. - Participated in events like Pitpit market, Astro Malaysia Music Festival, and more. - Introduced the Tiki Smasher game. - Featured in Hojiak interview and Monster Bites Cafe & Student Tour. - Embarked on a spring shooting adventure.
Tikii Milestone 2013
2013 - International Ventures - Expanded to international markets: TifCom Japan and AceFair. - Participated in local events like Comic Fiesta, Parkamaya, and Berjaya Student Fashion Show. - Opened a pop-up shop at 5Arts. - Continued collaborations and presence at MonsterBites.
Tikii Milestone 2014
2014 - Growing Recognition - Sustained participation in Comic Fiesta. - Presence at Ace Fair Korea and PITC Book Fair. - Expanded retail presence at Supermart. - Collaborated with Mrs. Guarana (Japan). - Introduced Tikii classic animation series and Line stickers.
Tikii Milestone 2015
2015 - Exploring Global Markets - Ventured into international markets, including HKTDC/China Shanghai. - Maintained local presence at events like 12Cafe market. - Collaborated with CyWong Photography and Dailymotion. - Continued engagement at Supermart art events.
Tikii Milestone 2016
2016 - Broadening Horizons - Further international expansion, including China Shanghai and Indonesia Licensing Business Matching. - Engaged with MDEC animation pitching.
Tikii Milestone 2017
2017 - Licensing and Seminars - Continued presence at HKTDC and Pakamaya Damen. - Participation in licensing events. - ATV company trip and MDEC seminars.
Tikii Milestone 2018
2018 - Milestones - Created the Phase 1 MDEC Pilot episode. - Recognized with the MDEC IPCC Animation Series Award. - Continued involvement in MDEC seminars.
Tikii Milestone 2019
2019 - Pushing Forward - Advanced to Phase 2 MDEC (Delivered). - Received the MDEC grant. - Carried out company activities and opened a new office.
Tikii Milestone 2020
2020 - Transition - Completed the 3D animation series.
Tikii Milestone 2021
2021 - Adapting to Change - Responded to the challenges of COVID with a 3D virtual art gallery.
2022 - Embracing New Technologies - Ventured into the world of NFT and 3D Hapii.
2023 - A Fresh Beginning - NKOB marks the start of a brand new journey.