About Us

At Tikii, we’re creators and storytellers at heart, weaving vibrant tales through our unique art series. Born from a passion for fusion, culture, and imagination, Tikii transcends boundaries, inviting you into a world where tradition meets innovation. Our art is more than just visuals; it’s a celebration of narratives, an exploration of identity, and an ode to creativity. Join us on this journey as we unveil captivating stories, one Tikii creation at a time.


Since 2012, I’ve led as a Director at Moondo Sdn Bhd, shaping our projects’ artistic essence and direction. Steering flagship initiatives like Vallavar and Game Show Graphics Package, I’ve amplified their impact across Indian and Malay networks. Collaborations with brands like Sports Toto showcased my strategic media sales prowess.

Venturing globally, I spearheaded compelling projects in Korea (DreamPanda, Wordmon, MARS) and Japan (Mrs Guarana, MTV with Scale Out Inc.), fostering cross-cultural creative endeavors. Notably, my work with Astro birthed iconic experiences like “Ulala” and the Astro CNY 2013 Mascot, resonating with diverse audiences.

Before Moondo, as Founder/Creative Director at Cookies and Creams (M) Sdn Bhd, I shaped product lines and brand identities, crafting a distinct market presence from 2010 to 2012.

My journey began at Electronic Arts in 2005, contributing to “The Lord of The Rings” battle scenes in Middle Earth II. Earlier, at EA (2003-2005), I worked on titles like Command and Conquer Zero Hour and Lord of the Rings Battle From The Middle Earth.

My tenure at The 3DO Company (2000-2002) saw the release of notable titles like Warjetz, Dragon Rage, Jonny Mosely, and ArmyMan across multiple gaming platforms.

Rooted in a B.F.A. in Computer Art from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco (’00) and an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from The One Academy of Communication Design (’96), my journey in visual arts evolved.