3D Social Media


2D Animation Service- This technology gives the new life to videos, it is the best used for education conferences, sports club & personalities, etc.
Whiteboard Animation – It is the best way to express your business plan, new product launching, education purposes, board gathering meetings, etc.
Typography – Visual component of written words helps to express your views better. It is best used for sales conference, short demo videos, etc.
Explainer Video – It is the right way to launch your product in effective way. It is best used for launching product, launching new business, etc.
3D Animation Service – We can enhance your marketing materials with outstanding 3D animations and renderings, no matter what type of business your organization belongs to.


Package includes:

  • (1 set) 30 seconds animated video in 3D
  • (2 sets)15 seconds trimmed 3D animated video 
  • (4 sets) 6 secs trimmed GIF/short video for social media

Suitable for (insert product/industries)

Estimated price range: 

RM18,000 – RM 21,000 over 3 months 

= average cost of RM6,000 – RM7000 for 3 months

**Price and delivery timeline varies based on the complexity of the project


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